Our team is a group of sleep fanatics that will bring you the latest reports, news, and analysis on mattresses. Uniquely we started with mattress reviews, but we have a big zeal to expand going forward! We are so grateful to you for taking the time to acknowledge our hard work, and we hope to repay you by helping you best tackle any difficulty associated with mattress.
While we cover a lot of different varieties on mattresses, you may have realized that super quality mattresses are our “sugar and honey”. Because every individual is different in their height, weight, and likes, each mattress can be assessed differently. While offering super and durable products, we strive to reflect true-quality and also we consider preferences and situation of all manner of sleepers.

We want to shield off the “fluff” that drive a lot of mattress stores on the internet and focus as much as we can on tests and statistics that help each reader make their own choice about which mattress best suits their needs. For instance, rather than only telling you our viewpoint on how the mattress feels when we lay on it, we are fusing tests such as pressure sensitive averaging, to average out and understand how each mattress frames to the body, it’s pressure capability points, etc. While these tests will take extra energy to perform and their accompanying tools may be costly, however, it is worth it for our consumers to get as much superior and super mattress as possible.

At Floating Igloo we showcase great communicative and persuasive skills. Your satisfaction is our major priority, let’s team up today to bring that jaw-dropping idea with a great potential into realization, however, achieving our utmost aim. At Floating Igloo we break the jinx!

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